Potato Dauphinoise Pie


Experience opulence in every bite with Magpye’s Potato Dauphinioise Pie.

Thinly sliced potatoes, creamy cashew sauce, vegan applewood cheese, rosemary, and thyme unite in our flaky shortcrust pastry, topped with a fragrant herb blend.

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Savour the Luxury: Magpye’s Potato Dauphinioise Pie

At Magpye, we believe in creating culinary experiences that indulge your senses. Our Potato Dauphinioise Pie is the epitome of sophistication, where layers of flavour and a touch of opulence come together in every bite.

Layers of Sublime Indulgence: Experience thinly sliced potatoes meticulously layered to perfection. Each delicate slice carries the essence of comfort and luxury, a testament to our attention to detail.

Creamy Cashew Sauce: Our rich cashew-based sauce is the cornerstone of this masterpiece, delivering a silky, velvety texture that’s both indulgent and dairy-free. Infused with vegan applewood cheese, it’s an elegant nod to the classic.

Rosemary and Thyme Elegance: Enhancing the pie’s sophistication is a delightful blend of rosemary and thyme. These aromatic herbs add depth, aroma, and an element of refinement to each bite.

Magpye’s Flaky Shortcrust Pastry: The pie’s decadent filling is lovingly encased in our signature shortcrust pastry. Tender and flaky, it’s the perfect vessel for this exquisite creation, ensuring a delightful interplay of textures.

Fragrant Herb Blend: To complete the experience, we crown the Potato Dauphinioise Pie with a fragrant herb blend. It’s a tantalizing visual and olfactory flourish that promises a taste sensation like no other.

Elevate your dining experience with Magpye’s Potato Dauphinioise Pie, where simplicity meets luxury, and every bite is a celebration of flavour and texture. It’s a culinary journey that transcends expectations.

Cooking: Set oven to 180C/Gas mark 6 and heat pie for approx 20-25 minutes from chilled or 30-35 minutes from frozen.

Ingredients: Flour (wheat, calcium carbonate, iron, thiamine, niacin), water, shea butter, coconut oil, rapeseed oil, potato, cashew nut, onion, garlic, modified maize starch, salt, black pepper, yeast extract, colour (ammonia caramel, beta-carotene, plain caramel), emulsifier (lecithine), carrot juice, lemon juice, cane sugar, maltodextrin, carrageenan, dextrose, smoke flavouring, herbs, natural flavourings.
Allergens in bold. Contains gluten and nut.

Allergens in bold. Contains gluten and nuts.

Created in a vegan kitchen which handles nuts.  While every possible effort is made, we can not guarantee the absence of any allergens.

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