About Us

Magpye is a small-batch, plant-based pie bakery on historic Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, brought to life by us, Chris and Sarah. As lovers of all things pastry and committed to a sustainable lifestyle, we set out to redefine the classic British pie with a modern, plant-based twist.

Our pies are crafted with a blend of traditional techniques and innovation. We mix, roll, and crimp by hand, using quality vegan ingredients to create unique small batch fillings for our palm oil-free shortcrust made with UK organic flour. 

We designed our brand and packaging, choosing simplicity and sustainability to mirror what’s inside. It’s all about impact—on your taste buds and the planet. Our packaging, proudly UK-sourced, is as green as it gets: recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. We believe in pies that leave a legacy of taste, not waste.

At Magpye, our mission goes beyond baking. We’re here to revolutionise pie eating while championing plant-based ingredients and sustainable practices. Join us on this journey, where tradition meets transformation, and discover pies that are good for you, the community, and the earth.

Chris & Sarah, Founders

The Magpye journey

Our story so far…


Banks of Tyne Beginnings

Starting from our kitchen, inspired by glowing customer feedback, we expanded to a trailer at events and markets across the North East. Fond memories of serving pie and mash by Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge, despite the January cold, highlight our unwavering pie passion!


Lights, Camera, Pies!

Moving to our first equipped production kitchen, boosted by memorable ads (hello, Go Daddy!), we launched our website for direct sales and expanded into food outlets. Huge thanks to everyone who’s bought our pies – your support means the world to us!


Match Day Pies

Now, we proudly supply Plant Powered Pies to the eco-friendly Forest Green Rovers FC, and we’re not stopping there. Our goal? To bring our pies to even more stores and venues. The adventure continues, and we’re thrilled for what’s next!

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