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Explore a world of flavours with the Ultimate Collection (12 pies) from Magpye, featuring a delightful selection of twelve our signature pies. This bundle includes two each of our Steak & Ale, Chicken, Leek & Bacun, Mince and Onion, Truffle Mac Cheese & Bacun, ‘Paneer’ Tikka Masala, and Asparagus, Pea & New Potato Pies. FREE DELIVERY

Pies are delivered ready to place in your freezer with around 3 months shelf life.

Eco-friendly delivery in 2-5 days.

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Dive into the diverse and delicious offerings of our Ultimate Collection Box, perfect for those who love variety or are looking to taste the best of Magpye. This specially curated collection includes twelve different pies, each showcasing unique flavours and the finest plant-based ingredients.  FREE DELIVERY

Our pies feature unique palm oil-free flaky shortcrust pastry, lovingly made with organic UK-grown flour and premium plant-based ‘butter’ for a truly delicious and sustainable treat.

  • Steak & Ale Pie x 2: Rich seitan ‘steak’ pieces stewed in a hearty ale gravy, encased in flaky pastry.
  • Chicken, Leek & Bacun Pie x 2: A creamy filling of pea protein ‘chicken’, aromatic leeks, and smoky ‘bacun’, wrapped in a golden crust.
  • Mince and Onion Pie x 2: Classic comfort food with a twist, featuring soy protein mince and sweet caramelised onions in a light pastry shell.
  • Truffle Mac Cheese & Bacun Pie x 2: Decadent truffle-infused creamy sauce, hearty macaroni, and smoky ‘bacun’ beneath a crispy topping.
  • ‘Paneer’ Tikka Masala Pie x 2: Rich, creamy tikka masala sauce that wraps around succulent plant-based tofu ‘paneer’ cubes, all in our signature pastry.
  • Asparagus, Pea & New Potato Pie x 2: Fresh, seasonal vegetables in a herby, creamy sauce, perfect for a taste of summer.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner, planning a picnic, or simply stocking up, Magpye’s Ultimate Pie Collection Box offers a fantastic range of tastes to enjoy. These pies are made with love and care, ensuring that each bite delivers comfort, quality, and a burst of flavour. Savour the experience of Magpye’s best, all in one convenient bundle.

1 review for Ultimate Magpye Collection Box – FREE DELIVERY

  1. Sue Black

    Delicious so far!!

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