Vegan Festive Pie



Plant ‘turkey’, sage stuffing, vegan ‘bacon’ strips, cranberry and a winter spiced creamy sauce 🤤. Of course, all in Magpye’s shortcrust pastry topped with a festive crumb.

A culinary masterpiece with a compassionate heart.

Indulge in the spirit of the season with our delectable Vegan Festive Pie. Crafted with care in the heart of Magpye’s plant-based kitchen, this holiday delight is a symphony of festive flavours.

Picture succulent plant-based ‘turkey’, expertly seasoned with aromatic herbs, embracing the warmth of sage stuffing that adds a touch of tradition to every bite. As you savour the layers, you’ll discover the smoky allure of vegan ‘bacon’ strips, perfectly complemented by the sweet and tart dance of cranberry.

What ties this culinary masterpiece together is our winter-spiced creamy sauce, a luscious blend of sage and nutmeg that cocoon the ingredients in the rich, velvety embrace of our cashew cream. And, of course, this festive marvel is encased in the signature Magpye shortcrust pastry, a buttery haven that cradles each ingredient with care.

To crown this festive creation, we’ve adorned it with a generous festive crumb, adding a delightful crunch that harmonises with the creamy filling. Every bite is a journey through the essence of winter celebrations, a comforting symphony that transcends the ordinary.

Magpye’s Vegan Festive Pie isn’t just a pie; it’s a celebration on a plate, an invitation to experience the magic of the season in every mouthful. Elevate your festive feast with the warmth and joy of this culinary masterpiece. Cheers to a season filled with delicious memories!

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